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Dr. Matthew Spangler

Our Peoria Chiropractor

Dr. Matthew Spangler

Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Pekin, IL

Dr. Matthew, a central Illinois native, really wants you to be your best self. He wants his patients to achieve a healthy lifestyle and solve chronic health issues with chiropractic care, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments. He developed a passion for patient education working in a hospital environment, where he saw many patients struggle with taking control of their own pain and health issues. His goal is to empower people to live their healthiest lives through simple lifestyle adjustments – with a process that works. 

He loves working with patients of all ages and feels he can help anyone, no matter their stage of life! He is a big fan of taking small steps over time to achieve big goals and helping his patients do the same! He is passionate about helping patients minimize the number of medications they must take and reducing the need for invasive surgeries – so patients can experience great outcomes and get back to doing what they love.