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Dr. Treyton Hines

Our Libertyville Chiropractor

Dr. Treyton Hines

Education: Cleveland University-Kansas City

Hometown: Salina, KS

Dr. Treyton chose to become a doctor back when he was a high school athlete. During Summer Basketball camp at Oklahoma State, he was injured with a bone contusion and treated with chiropractic care. “That chiropractor worked with me every day to help relieve my swelling and inflammation using E-stim and adjustments and it cut my recovery time in half! I was back on the court in no time. I knew I wanted to provide the best care possible for athletes and people of my community too!

What long-time patients love most about Dr. Treyton is the patience he shows, his diligent commitment to their wellness, and the pain relief they experience from his muscle work.

Dr. Treyton grew up in Salina, KS. His best memories are of playing sports with all his childhood friends. He defines wellness as maintaining a healthy balance in life that includes diet, routine, work life, weekend life, and does his best to maintain that healthy balance by having a schedule and keeping organized. 

“Chiropractic care has improved my health. I get adjusted on a regular basis to keep my body functioning at an optimal level.”

Dr. Treyton holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a Minor in Business from the University of Kansas, as well as a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from Cleveland University-Kansas City.