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Dr. Robert Brant

Our Renton Chiropractor

Dr. Robert Brant

Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Marysville, WA

Dr. Robert grew up in Marysville Washington, a town he loved for its proximity to nature. “Growing up, I was never more than 30 minutes away from the mountains and the water. Being out in nature is where I felt like I could relax, breathe and be myself.”

Dr. Brant set a goal to achieve his doctorate degree by the age of 30, but after steering away from the study of Ecology, he was unsure where to redirect his efforts. “My wife could tell that I was unhappy in the direction my professional life was going and on my 24th birthday she told me that I had one year to figure out what I wanted to get my doctorate degree in so that I could accomplish my goal. After a lot of soul searching, I remembered how my chiropractor in High School not only helped me with my chronic tension headaches but was the only healthcare provider I truly felt cared about me. He was fun, full of energy and very compassionate and I wanted to help people feel the way he made me feel.”

That memory was a turning point for Dr. Robert, who decided that his opportunity to have an impact in the world was to help people in the pursuit of better health through chiropractic. Three weeks after turning 30 he received my doctorate in Chiropractic. “Because of my wife’s support and belief in me, my chiropractic education and career is as much hers as it is mine.”

Dr. Robert’s patients describe him as thoughtful, caring and full of energy. Even when patients aren’t feeling their best, he does all he can to help them enjoy the time they spend in his clinic because, “I want them to be excited about coming to the clinic and getting adjusted.”

Dr. Robert defines Wellness as the act of practicing habits that help improve physical and mental health so that a person can thrive in all aspects of life. His family keeps him grounded and gives him joy, and his family, friends and patients give him sense of purpose. His favorite activity is to lift weights, which he does 5-6 days a week. When he started lifting weights he did it for his physical health, but he has come to realize that lifting weights has as much of an impact on mental health as it does on his physical health.