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Dr. McKenna Caple

Our Sun Prairie Chiropractor

Dr. McKenna Caple

Education: Northwestern Health Sciences

Hometown: Frederic, WI

Dr. Caple’s patients appreciate how she listens and really hears what’s going on in their lives — an ability she developed while growing up with just 1,000 other residents in Frederic, Wisconsin. She loved the small-town community where everyone knows one another and helps one another in times of need and tries to recreate that atmosphere in her clinic.

Health and wellness have fascinated Dr. Caple since high school, and she’s always felt the calling to share knowledge that helps people live healthier lifestyles. She loves making a difference in patients’ lives with patient-centered, drug-free, natural care for all ages and demographics.

Wellness for Dr. Caple means feeling good physically as well as fulfilled spiritually and mentally. She maintains her own wellness by getting regularly adjusted, eating well, spending as much time as possible outdoors with family, friends, and pets. She loves to exercise or walk while listening to podcasts on wellness, nutrition, herbalism, and hormone health.

Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences Dr. Caple has been specializing in nutritional counseling, prenatal care and pediatrics.