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Dr. Juan R. Pizarro Nieves

Our Federal Way Chiropractor

Dr. Juan R. Pizarro Nieves

Education: Life University

Hometown: Puerto Rico

What patients most appreciate about Dr. Nieves is his honesty, sense of humor and professional passion. There was a lot to be passionate about while growing up in Puerto Rico: the beaches, the climate, the cuisine and, most importantly, the closeness of family and friends.

As a young athlete, Dr. Nieves was injured most of the time. That’s when he discovered that chiropractic care helped him heal faster, perform better and live a healthier lifestyle — which he soon decided he wanted to provide for others.

For Dr. Nieves, wellness is a process — constantly working on our emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological health. To maintain his own wellness, he gets regular chiropractic care and does daily functional exercises and meditation, so he can continue to enjoy his beloved baseball, tennis and many other sports.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University, Dr. Nieves has treated over 10,000 patients by applying his specialties: aactive release technique, chronic pain management, geriatric care, neurology, nutritional counseling, sports injury care and post-rehab conditioning.