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Dr. Joshua Krivoshein

Our Raleigh Hills Chiropractor

Dr. Joshua Krivoshein

Education: University of Western States

Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Dr. Joshua Krivoshein loved growing up in the small town of Corvallis, Oregon – so much so that he decided to stay and attend Oregon State University where he earned his degree in Athletic Training.

In high school he found a deep interest in anatomy and physics and knew he wanted to pursue a physical medicine job. After completing his undergraduate degree, he decided he wanted to go further, pursuing even more hands-on, active therapeutic patient care. Chiropractic school was the clear choice.

Today Dr. Joshua specializes in chronic pain and sports injuries. What his patients love most about him is his energy, and his desire to get to know each patient holistically, celebrating their successes and creating an open-minded/judgement free zone in which patients can safely share their challenges and concerns.

His approach to wellness is that it is about more than just achieving an illness-free state; instead, it’s about developing resilience against all forms of stressors in life and improving quality of life as a whole. “Physical and mental health go hand in hand and are multifactorial and should be treated as such. For me, this means getting outdoors, playing videos games with friends, spending time with family and getting to help people as my job.”

In his free time he also loves to get back Oregon to visit his family and of course, attend the occasion Oregon State football game.