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Dr. Janay Collier

Our Edwardsville Chiropractor

Dr. Janay Collier

Education: Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Edwardsville, IL

Patients who visit Dr. Collier immediately notice her willingness to utterly understand what they’re experiencing and how it’s affecting all aspects of their home, work and social life. They feel at ease knowing she will continue tweaking their treatment until she’s helped them find relief. The relationships she forges in her clinic resemble the tight family and friends circle she enjoyed in her childhood town of Edwardsville, Illinois.

While spending her mornings before school taking care of her father, who’d suffered a serious care accident, Dr. Collier was drawn into the healthcare profession. In medical school she threw out her lower back, went to our student clinic and received 3 scripts that she never took. A week later she saw a chiropractor who helped her tremendously. Without delay, she switched career paths from MD to DC at Logan College of Chiropractic and never looked back.

For Dr. Collier, wellness means actively, persistently pursuing the goal of functioning at 100% and feeling100% healthy. It means thriving, not just surviving — and it’s what she’s helped over 50,000 patients accomplish via myofascial release technique, chronic pain management, corporate wellness and ergonomics programs, geriatric care, and nutritional counseling.