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Dr. Jacob Bandelaria

Our Schaumburg East Chiropractor

Dr. Jacob Bandelaria

Education: Life University

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Dr. Bandelaria loves chatting and laughing with his patients while educating them about the power of chiropractic and healthy lifestyles. Each patient that enters his clinic knows they’ll get as much time and attention as they need — which builds strong relationships like those he still enjoys with friends and family from his hometown: Toledo, Ohio.  

At the age of five Dr. Bandelaria decided he was going to be a chiropractor. His best friend’s father was the DC who adjusted his entire family — and soon became an extension of it.  Growing up with loved ones who could enjoy sports and other activities without any pain or discomfort taught him to instinctively try adjustment before medication to enjoy health and wellness. 

To maintain his own wellness Dr. Bandelaria loves playing golf, soccer, and hockey, as well as rollerblading, going to the gym and sauna, and playing with his dog as much as possible. 

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University, Dr. Bandelaria has successfully treated over 3000 patients by applying his specialties: active and myofascial release techniques, chronic pain management, corporate wellness and ergonomics, geriatric wellness, prenatal care with Webster Technique, pediatrics, radiology, post-rehab conditioning and sports injury care.