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Dr. Brittney Placek

Our Glenview Chiropractor

Dr. Brittney Placek

Education: Logan University

Hometown: Chicago, IL.

Chicago native Dr. Brittany knows all about the mind-body connection. Her mission and vision? To help her patients heal naturally through holistic treatment and chiropractic care. Each and every day, Dr. Brittany prioritizes guiding patients through their own unique healing process and empowering them into better health.

3 Things to Know About Dr. Brittany

  1. She went to her first chiropractor with her mom, who was suffering from cancer, and the experience was so profound that Dr. Brittany changed careers to become a chiropractor and help others heal – the way chiropractic helped her mom.
  2. She aims to empower patients on their own unique health journeys. Dr. Brittany wants to motivate and help patients find their personal power in healing their bodies through natural resources and excellent chiropractic care.
  3. She believes the whole picture of the body matters. She has a particular interest in nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes for optimal holistic health.