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Dr. Brittney Placek

Our Glenview Chiropractor

Dr. Brittney Placek

Education: Logan University

Hometown: Chicago, IL.

Dr. Britt’s profound dedication to chiropractic care stems from a deeply personal experience that forever changed her perspective on healing. Witnessing her mother’s courageous battle with stage IV cancer, Dr. Britt and her mom sought out complimentary approaches to health and well-being. Observing firsthand the transformative power of chiropractic care, Dr. Britt’s mother’s adjustments helped the function in her body achieve a remarkable balance, enhancing its natural communication pathways. Dr. Britt saw her mom have more energy throughout the day, her headaches went away, and she was able to function and move better than ever before. Despite the dire diagnosis, Dr. Britt’s mother defied the odds, living a vibrant life for seven more years.  

“Because my mom’s adjustments helped her body stay strong during her cancer treatments, I became so deeply fascinated to how the adjustments were helping that I needed to study it first-hand so that I could be the chiropractor that gave to others what my mom was given!” 

Dr. Britt practices the most researched, advanced and results orientated chiropractic technique focusing on biomechanics and neurophysiology of the spine as a means to address not just relief from pain and symptoms, but also better body function for the future. “I will always listen to you and guide my care plan towards what is comfortable for you and what your goals are. I am here to help you find the answers and create a higher quality of life.”