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Dr. Amanda Perzan

Our North Aurora Chiropractor

Dr. Amanda Perzan

Education: Parker University

Hometown: Chicago

Chicago native (and brief Texan) Dr. Amanda is a people person – she loves to interact with patients. “I love using my hands to facilitate healing for others,” she said. Her key mission is to offer patients a deeper understanding about their connection with their own body, and she provides an upbeat, optimistic environment for patients to promote healing.

3 Things to Know About Dr. Amanda

  1. She loves sports and athletics! She played basketball, softball, and ran track throughout school. She is passionate about working with athletes and treating sports injuries.
  2. She used to suffer from intense, debilitating migraines as a teen. After trying everything, she finally saw a chiropractor and found relief. To this day, she still gets adjusted to keep the migraines at bay.
  3. Works well with kids! She loves and prioritizes working with children to help them develop healthy habits for long-term development and growth.