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How Back Braces Can Provide Relief From Pain

Back Braces: Lumbar Spinal Orthoses (LSO) & Thoracic Lumbar Spinal Orthoses (TLSO)

SLEEQ Spinal Therapy Systems

Experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Along with chiropractic care, the non-invasive and safe Lumbar Spinal Orthoses (LSO) and Thoracic Lumbar Spinal Orthoses (TLSO) can provide relief from low back pain and increase your overall function and mobility.

Support, Pain Relief and More

These lightweight, easy-to-use back braces are designed work alongside your chiropractic care, prolonging the beneficial effects of your adjustments. Other benefits include:

Which Back Brace is Right for Me?

Every person is unique in their symptoms and treatment plan. Your Chiro One doctor will provide you the best recommendations for your specific case. Typically, the back braces are prescribed to patients with:

Or patients who:

  • Have thrown their back out
  • Experience pain sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Have compression fractures
  • Are in post-surgical pain

If you’ve had any of the following procedures, conditions or diagnoses, one of the lumbar braces may be perfect for you:

  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Lumbar disc displacement
  • Lumbar disc degeneration
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolysis
  • Laminectomy or discectomy
  • Facet Syndrome


Why Our Back Braces are Better

Built to support your corrective chiropractic treatment, these easy-to-use braces feature an adjustable design and use compression to create a comfortable and supported fit. You’ll also find that these braces can be:

How to Set Up and Wear Your LSO Brace

Learn the features and terms necessary for best use of your SLEEQ Spinal Therapy System LSO brace, including how to adjust, wear and reset it for optimal comfort.