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Dr. Megan McNett

Our Woodridge Chiropractor

Dr. Megan McNett

Education: National University of Health Sciences

Hometown: Spring Grove, IL

Dr. Megan grew up in Spring Grove, Illinois where she enjoyed being out in nature, hiking the area’s wide variety of state parks.

Dr. Megan McNett grew up going to a chiropractor and was always fascinated with the field. But it wasn’t until she got hurt in college, that she decided to become one. She didn’t get hurt from an accident or a sports injury, but from improper function and poor biomechanics of daily life. It baffled her how bending over to brush her teeth or looking at her computer to study could cause so much pain. And it amazed her how much adjustments and corrective exercise took her pain away – and kept it away.

What patients love about Dr. Megan is that she makes them feel heard, that their care is individualized to them, and that she’s able to explain their condition and care plan in a way they understand. They also value her sense of humor, positivity, and the way she empowers them to take control of their health.

She defines wellness as adopting sustainable habits that ensure you have the freedom to not only approach your daily routine without pain but also participate in any activity that bring you joy. She maintains her own wellness by performing the same corrective exercises that she prescribes to her patients. She also enjoys yoga, spending time with loved ones (usually with delicious food), and practicing a positive and grateful mindset.