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Dr. Felicia Olimene

Our Palos Heights Chiropractor

Dr. Felicia Olimene

Education: Life University

Hometown: Nigeria

Before beginning to discuss their care plan, Dr. Olimene reminds her patients: “Life is full of obstacles — don’t let that stop you from being who you were meant to be in life.” Her favorite part about being a chiropractor is giving people hope when there seems to be none. She loves showing patients a natural approach to healthcare, educating and helping them discover how powerful their bodies actually are. She loves helping people who have run out of options; providing hope for those who feel hopeless.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, Africa Dr. Olimene always knew she wanted to be a healer — she’d even play games with her friends pretending to be the neighborhood doctor. Wellness has been a life long passion, and she maintains her own by traveling, reading, going to the movies, cooking and going out on the town with friends and family.

After earning her BS at Western Illinois University, Dr. Olimene took a year off to work and research specialties. As a chiropractic technician at Chiro One, she saw how DCs improved patients’ lives without drugs or surgeries and began asking questions. As she absorbed chiropractic theory and nervous system function, she knew that her future would be in chiropractic.
After earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, she returned to Chiro One — this time as a DC specializing in family wellness care.