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Dr. Jared Swenson

Our Geist Chiropractor

Dr. Jared Swenson

Education: Palmer College

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

Patients appreciate that Dr. Swenson always takes the time to listen and acknowledge their descriptions of symptoms and conditions. This enables him to uncover the true origin of their dysfunction, instead of simply treating surface issues.

Growing up in Hoffman Estates, IL taught him to appreciate tight knit communities where everyone works together and helps their neighbors thrive. As an adult he wanted to continue serving communities by studying physical therapy, but then found himself drawn to chiropractic and soon realized that’s where he belonged. Helping people relieve pain and promote wellness naturally is his passion.

Wellness for Dr. Swenson is the state of mind — it means continually making decisions that keep your body in the optimal state to heal itself. He maintains his own wellness through healthy relationships, taking time for myself when needed, spending time outdoors, and playing most every sport out there.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College Dr. Swenson has been successfully applying his specialties — chronic pain management, myofascial release technique and sports injury care — to treat patients of all ages and abilities