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Dr. Brian Billing

Our Hudson Chiropractor

Dr. Brian Billing

Education: Northwestern Health Sciences

Hometown: New Richland, MN

Dr. Billing’s patients are grateful for his consistent attentiveness and compassion — he’s always prepared to help them through any challenges so they can live their best lives happy and healthy. This trait was instilled in him while growing up in New Richland, MN, a small town with a tight knit community where everyone knew each other and helped one another.

While playing football during his junior year of high school he started seeing the chiropractor on the sidelines whenever he had an injury. After shadowing that chiropractor, he fell in love with the idea of using his hands to unlock the body’s full healing potential and wellness benefits.

For Dr. Billing, wellness is the ability to live life to its fullest potential, which requires nourishing your body daily. He maintains his own wellness by getting adjusted regularly, eating clean food, taking supplements, exercising, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences, Dr. Billing has been specializing in nutritional counseling to help promote wellness for hundreds of patients.