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Dr. Brandon Schultz

Our Forest Park Chiropractor

Dr. Brandon Schultz

Education: Cleveland Chiropractic College

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Brandon has a goal: To help anyone and everyone struggling with pain, headaches, TMJ, and joint pain to find relief in natural ways. One thing he wants you to know? Pain and suffering are not permanent or untreatable. He doesn’t want people to waste time struggling with pain when chiropractic care could ease their symptoms quickly.

3 Key Things to Know About Dr. Brandon

  • His introduction to chiropractic was through his own health symptoms. When he began getting adjusted, all his old sports injuries healed, his sleep improved, his allergies diminished – he was thriving! So much so that he wanted to dedicate his career to helping others heal, too.
  • He specializes in TMJD, migraines, and other headache/neck pain. His extensive training with these issues allows him unique insight into patients’ symptoms and recovery. He also has in-depth training and specialty with extremity and joint issues.
  • What gets him out of bed in the morning: Knowing he gets to help patients naturally restore and maintain their health. His words: “How cool is that?!?”