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Dr. Dana Zeina

Our Gurnee Chiropractor

Dr. Dana Zeina

Education: National University of Health Sciences

Hometown: Dubai, UAE

Dr. Dana Zeina immigrated to the United States at 14 years old and now lives in Gurnee, where she enjoys the quieter, suburban lifestyle. Dr. Dana Zeina serves as the chiropractic director of Chiro One Wellness Center of Gurnee, and hopes to make a lasting impact on each patient she meets.

Dr. Dana is a proud graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where she earned a degree in biological sciences with honors, ranking in the top five percent of her class. She then went onto receive her doctorate of chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences, where she was a member of the Lambda Chi Sorority, Motion Palpation Club and the Student American Chiropractic Association.

As a young child, Dr. Dana always knew she wanted to work within the medical field, specifically in holistic medicine. While a student at UIC, Dr. Dana was diagnosed with grade 4 endometriosis and was induced into menopause at just 21 years old. Suffering from the painful condition, plus the side effects of the medications, Dr. Dana eventually found relief through chiropractic care. The regular adjustments she received during chiropractic school helped her to cut out each medication, and she now lives symptom-free.

In addition to Dr. Dana’s degrees, she also holds certification in acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, RockTape and Kinesio Tape, Active Release Technique (ART) for Upper and Lower Extremity, McKenzie Technique for herniated discs, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, pediatrics and maternal health, and more. Her mission is to use her experience and education to help her patients experience optimal health through holistic, non-invasive and pharmaceutical-free care.

In her free time, Dr. Dana loves to spend time with friends and family. Incredibly passionate about chiropractic and her Gurnee patients, she also enjoys spending time at chiropractic events, hoping to spread the word of this powerful form of healthcare. The Hippocrates quote embodies Dr. Dana’s passion for her patient’s lifelong well-being, “”The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.””