COVID-19: A Letter from Our Founder

To our valued patients,

For over 12 years, our patients have trusted Chiro One with their chiropractic care. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining good health and wellness are increasingly important. Below is a list of the added precautions our clinical team members continue to perform each day to provide a safe environment for chiropractic care.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, our team continues to:

  • Require mask usage among all employees and patients;
  • Wash hands frequently and refrain from touching their face;
  • Rearrange equipment to allow for social distancing to the fullest extent possible;
  • Offer special hours for our senior and immunocompromised patients;
  • Thoroughly and repeatedly disinfect all equipment and high-touch surfaces (counter tops, doorknobs, etc.) and items (pens, timers, etc.);
  • Remove all common area items such as children’s toys and magazines;
  • Routinely health screen.

Our commitment to operating a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff remain a primary focus. Guided by our mission – to lead our patients and communities to a life of optimum health and wellness – we will continue to take the extra steps needed to help serve our patients both during and after this crisis.

Best in health,
Stuart Bernsen Signature
Stuart Bernsen
CEO & Founder of Chiro One

The following are additional resources about our safety protocols and from the CDC website about COVID-19.

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