Chiro One Wellness Centers Celebrates Chiropractic Care Being Listed as Lower Back Treatment Option in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Oak Brook, Illinois – The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) took one step closer to formally endorsing chiropractic last month when it listed “chiropractic therapy” among the treatments to consider for lower back pain prior to surgery.

“For decades, the chiropractic community has strived to be recognized by mainstream medicine as a viable treatment option,” remarks Dr. Stuart Bernsen, D.C., founder and CEO of Oak Brook-based Chiro One Wellness Centers. “Now that we have entered the age of consumer-driven healthcare where the patient comes first, I am pleased that the AMA considers chiropractic an effective alternative to drugs and surgery for low back pain.”

Chiro One, a national provider of world-class chiropractic services, is a leading voice in the field. Founded on the vision that all human beings discover their full potential, Chiro One promotes chiropractic as an essential and complimentary component to treatment plans for the prevention of illness and to address both chronic and acute conditions.

The AMA exact citation, found on the April 24, 2013—Vol 309, No 16 Patient Page reads as follows:

Many treatments are available for lower back pain. Often exercises and physical therapy can help. Some people benefit from chiropractic therapy or acupuncture. Sometimes medications are needed, including analgesics (painkillers) or medications that reduce inflammation. Surgery is not usually needed but may be considered if other therapies have failed.

JAMA is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal published by the American Medical Association since 1883 and the most widely circulated medical journal in the world. According to Thomson Reuters, JAMA is the third most impactful general medical journal in the world based on how often information is cited from its pages.