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Dr. Ryan Robillard

Our Germantown Chiropractor

Dr. Ryan Robillard

Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Neenah, Wisconsin

Dr. Ryan Robillard D.C. wanted to be a chiropractor since he was ten years old. Today, he’s on a personal mission to serve the community to the best of his ability and help people live pain-free. Originally from Neenah, Wisconsin, Dr. Robillard attended UW Oshkosh for undergraduate school, where he studied biology. Afterward, he went to Palmer College of Chiropractic where he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He’s been practicing for three years.

Dr. Robillard’s first experience with chiropractic was when he was ten years old after suffering a wrestling injury. A few days after he was injured, he could not move his head or do the things he loved. A family friend who was a chiropractor told his parents that he could help. After just a few visits, he could get back to doing what he loved and being a crazy ten-year-old. These experiences sparked a passion for sports chiropractic that remains to this day.

Dr. Robillard’s favorite part of being a chiropractor at Chiro One is that he gets to serve his community and help as many people as possible. Every day he wakes up ready to serve his patients to the best of his ability.

Dr. Robillard always brings energy to his clinic, and he does everything he can to help those experiencing pain. Patients can expect him to pay careful attention to detail and always have a caring attitude.