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Dr. Peter Hanson

Our Dr. Peter Hanson Chiropractor

Dr. Peter Hanson

Education: Southern California University of Health Sciences

Hometown: Utah, MT

For 30 years Dr. Hanson has prioritized listening to his patients concerns and helping them reach their goals. His enthusiasm for the body’s ability to heal itself by enabling the joints to move and the nervous system to operate interference-free is contagious. And so is his love for his work and the miracles he witnesses.

Growing up in Utah, Montana, California and North Carolina then finally settling in Seattle exposed Dr. Hanson to a wide diversity of patients and peers, engraining in him the importance (and joy) of family and community.

After experiencing several car accidents as a teenager, Dr. Hanson was referred to a chiropractor and the results were nothing short of miraculous. He was able to move again, play sports, and feel generally stronger. He wanted to learn more, so his chiropractor recommended the book “Essential Principles of Chiropractic”. The moment he finished reading he knew he’d found his purpose — to enable optimal function and wellness for as many people as possible.

To maintain his own wellness Dr. Hanson enjoys waterskiing, snow skiing, adventure travel, Pacific Northwest exploration, serving in his church and spending time with his family.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences Dr. Hanson has been specializing in chronic pain management and post-rehab conditioning to successfully treat over 20,000 patients!