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Dr. Kierra Smith

Our Denny Triangle Chiropractor

Dr. Kierra Smith

Education: Rome, GA

Hometown: Life University

Dr. Smith’s patients know that’s she’s never in a hurry — she’ll always offer as much time as it takes to listen and fully understand what they’re going through and what their goals are. Only then will she establish a clear plan of action to achieve those goals.

Bonding with people comes naturally for Dr. Smith who grew up in Rome, Ga, where Friday night football, local band concerts, diverse restaurants and backyard barbecues with family and friends shaped her character and values.

After a car accident left her with headaches, neck and lower back pain and a dragging leg she learned that pharmaceuticals didn’t help. While seeking more effective options, she discovered chiropractic care, which resolved her pain, enabled her to achieve optimal function and changed her life. That’s when she switched tracks from medical school to chiropractic school at Life University, so she could help others get out of pain and function at their most exhilarating potential.

Dr. Smith strives to live the life that she encourages her patients to live — both physically and spiritually. She enjoys playing drums, biking, exploring and adventuring, tasting new cuisines and spending quality time with friends and family. Praying and meditating are daily practices, and self-care includes regular chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and medical check-ups.