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Dr. John Rempel

Our Geist Chiropractor

Dr. John Rempel

Education: Life University

Hometown: Grew up around the Midwest

Dr. John wants to know: How are you and your family doing? He’s passionate about helping entire families be the healthiest they can be! He loves to serve patients in his community with chiropractic care to help them live healthier lives, be more active, and emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself – no matter your age or stage of life.

3 Fast Facts about Dr. John

  1. He loves working with children! He believes that chiropractic care can have significant health benefits for children and their long-term development.
  2. He prioritizes family education. Dr. John believes chiropractic can help both parents and children live better lives, and he focuses on education about health and wellness knowledge that helps people improve their quality of life.
  3. He takes a holistic approach. Dr. John believes in looking at the whole patient and their health, taking a different approach that focuses on alternative options for treating health conditions. He wants to help patients take back control of their own well-being, with assistance from exceptional chiropractic care.