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Dr. Andrew Winger

Our Federal Way Chiropractor

Dr. Andrew Winger

Education: Life University

Hometown: Puyallup WA

Caring and gentle yet direct, efficient, focused and knowledgeable. That’s how Dr. Winger’s dedicated, wellness-driven diverse patients describe him.

Growing up in Puyallup Washington provided plenty of opportunities for exercise and fresh air. Dr. Winger loved exploring surrounding forests, hitting the hilly streets on bikes, skateboards and go carts, as well as dedicating himself to playing in organized sports leagues.

He’s always had an interest in chiropractic, but was formally introduced to the care philosophy by a college friend’s father and uncle. He remembers sitting at his fraternity house desk filling out an application for physical therapy school and suddenly changing to chiropractic school — feeling that he was chosen to deliver this type of holistic care.

For Dr. Winger, wellness requires not merely the absence of symptoms and disease, it requires our bodies to function at optimal capacity, allowing us to get out of life what we want most — mentally, physically and emotionally. He maintains his own wellness by getting regular chiropractic care, eating a balanced diet, working out at the gym, as well as riding bikes, boards and skis at local mountains, lakes and parks.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University, Dr. Winger has been applying his specialties — Chiropractic Biophysics, posture correction and personal injury care — to successfully treat over 10,000 patients!