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Dr. Alicia DeWilde

Our North Scottsdale Chiropractor

Dr. Alicia DeWilde

Education: Life University

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Dr. DeWilde’s patients all know that her highest priority is making them feel heard. She’s determined to debunk the belief that we must live with discomfort and avoid activities we love, and to bring a fresh perspective to the patient-provider partnership.

While growing up in suburban Chicago and enjoying Bulls, White Sox and Blackhawk game or Britney Spears and Beyoncé concerts with friends and family, Dr. DeWilde always knew I wanted to help people be the best version of themselves. She tried majoring in exercise science, healthcare, and even education, then followed the medical school path until her junior year of college when she realized her heart wasn’t in it. When she visited a chiropractic school and found a community of like-minded people, she knew instantly that she was meant to help people optimize health and wellness through chiropractic.

Wellness for Dr. DeWilde means maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and supporting our bodies so we can continue to do the things we love. She maintains her own wellness (and “fills her cup”) by working out, hiking, traveling, playing with her dog, and relaxing with her husband,

Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University, Dr. DeWilde has treated hundreds of patients by applying her specialties: prenatal care, Webster Technique and pediatrics.