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Dr. Alexandra Chism

Our Dr. Alexandra Chism Chiropractor

Dr. Alexandra Chism

Education: Logan College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Fults, IL

What patients most love about Dr. Chism is that she welcomes them warmly and adapts seamlessly to their care plan needs. From gentle, on-the-spot adjustments to patient advocacy, she treats everyone like a part of the Chiro One Family.

As an athletic training student at Southeast Missouri State University who shadowed her university’s team chiropractor, Dr. Chism realized her purpose was to help people. During her first day, she watched a patient with Bell’s Palsy improve their smile by 50%. After that, she knew her mission was to give people hope and health through chiropractic.

Her love for chiropractic stems from her desire to show patients how to reach their goals without medications or surgery. She believes although it’s very common to have pain or dysfunction, living with it is not normal. This is her motivation to show patients a better way to live.

For Dr. Chism, wellness means being able to enjoy every day of life without having to perform daily activities in pain — living and functioning to the fullest potential. In her professional life, she specializes in treating sports injuries, active rehab, and corrective care. Dr. Chism also loves taking care of families! She has been practicing since 2021.