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Dr. Alexandra Buhler

Our Mt. Pleasant Chiropractor

Dr. Alexandra Buhler

Education: Northwestern Health Sciences

Hometown: Racine, WI

Dr. Buhler’s patients enjoy her bubbly personality which helps them feel better when they’re experiencing or other challenges. They also appreciate her honesty — she never hides information, but always thoroughly explains their x-rays, exam findings and care plans. They feel close to her.

She developed these traits while growing up with her close-knit family in Racine, WI, where she loved how close everyone that mattered lived. All of her friends went to the same schools and rode the same bus. She fondly remembers playing outdoors, building tree branch forts and eating mac & cheese with apple slices for lunch every day.

While working toward a Physician Assistant career she took a job at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and realized that the hospital setting was not for her — she wanted to shift gears from a mainstream medical to a more holistic approach. Working as a chiropractic technician allowed her to see first-hand how amazing chiropractic care is and knew immediately it’s what she was meant to do.

Wellness for Dr. Buhler is a state of happiness — how you feel about your mental and physical health. To maintain her own wellness goes to the gym 5-6 days a week, eats a clean, unprocessed diet, hydrates and gets enough sleep in order to have enough energy to power the things that make her happy. She loves spending time with my fiancé and their dogs and cats and loves trying new restaurants and breweries with friends and family.

Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences, Dr. Buhler has successfully treated over 6000 patients by applying her specialties: Graston Techniques
and dry needling for chronic pain management.