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Dr. Anthony James Gott

Our Edwardsville Chiropractor

Dr. Anthony James Gott

Education: Logan University

Hometown: Springfield, MO

To Dr. Anthony, wellness is a complete picture of health that includes mental, physical, and nutritional well-being. His goal as a chiropractor is to give his patients all the tools they need to achieve whole-body wellness – including high-quality chiropractic care!

Three things to know about Dr. Anthony:

  1. His personal chiropractic story motivates him to help patients heal. When he was in first grade, he was involved in a serious car accident that nearly required surgery. However, after a second opinion, chiropractic care brought him back to 100%.
  2. His ideal relationship with patients: a positive, life-changing influence. Dr. Anthony loves seeing patients of all types – and he loves helping them visualize and achieve their health goals. He’s a people person, and he loves helping where he can.
  3. He believes in the body’s ability to heal, grow, and maintain. He is passionate about harnessing the power of chiropractic care to help the body do what it was meant to do – heal itself and thrive!