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Chiro One Wellness Centers Expands Further Into Central Wisconsin

Oakbrook, IL, September 18th, 2019 — As part of their regional and national expansion, more acquisitions continue coming down the pipeline for Chiro One Wellness Centers. Shortly after acquiring Schultz Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, Chiro One has more recently acquired Wilder Chiropractic, that formerly operated as Madison Chiropractic East and Madison Chiropractic West.

The Madison located clinics, mark a new presence for Chiro One within the largest metropolitan area in Wisconsin. This expansion also allows the organization to enter the only managed care market within the Midwest.

“I have long searched for a methodology that I could use to promote a chiropractic-centric message to a larger audience while simultaneously elevating standard of care. Partnering with Chiro One has allowed me the opportunity to achieve this lifelong dream, and it has given me the ability to grow and provide these opportunities to other chiropractors as well,” said Dr. Tom Burlage, D.C., co-owner of Wilder Chiropractic.

Acquiring Wilder Chiropractic extends Chiro One’s reach from Northern Illinois to Central Wisconsin. The growth of the chiropractic industry in Wisconsin will allow for Chiro One Wellness Centers to create long-term visibility while also expanding the use of their innovative care model.

About the Chiro One Wellness Center Brand

Located in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, over 50 Chiro One Wellness Center clinics see around a half million patient visits each year. Managed by TVG-Medulla, LLC, Chiro One Wellness Center offices set the gold standard in chiropractic through consistent patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction rates and accessible community education on the significant benefits of chiropractic care. For more information about Chiro One Wellness Centers, please visit chiroone.com.

About TVG-Medulla, LLC

TVG-Medulla, LLC is a healthcare service management organization providing support and services to all Chiro One Wellness Center offices. Doctors of chiropractic serving within Chiro One clinics have access to Medulla’s full-scale management departments, such as billing and insurance, marketing, clinical operations, human resources, maintenance, IT and more. In addition, Medulla also offers critical wellness programs and education services to communities, employers and organizations. For more information on practice acquisition, please visit medullallc.com/partners.

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