Patient Success Story: Sports Performance and Injuries

Patient Success Story: Sports Performance and Injuries

We sat down with two awesome patients from our Lansing office to learn a bit more about how mom, Heather, is committed to her 12-year-old son Chris’s chiropractic care, especially during football season. Below is part of their story. Head to our Facebook page for pictures and to read on! Visit or search “Chiro One Wellness Centers” on your mobile Facebook app.

Staying in the Game with Chiropractic, an Interview with Chris and Heather

Chris: “In baseball, I’m a catcher. Sometimes I’ll get some arm soreness. Every once in a while you get a little leg soreness from staying in the same position for hours. Two hours for practice as a catcher and four hours if we have a double header. Right now, I’m on a junior varsity team for football and I play guard and quarterback.

Heather: “This makes me very, very nervous. In comparison to the other kids, he’s one of the smaller ones. A lot of these kids already have that height; they’re like a foot taller than him. He’s about 114 pounds and he’s playing against kids who are about 150 pounds.

Also, when he catches, there’s a lot of impact at the plate. Because he’s blocking the players from sliding, so they’ll run into him and collide and he goes flying. He gets knocked flat; he has hit his head. I always thought football was a lot worse than baseball, but now I think that baseball and football are equally as impactful on the body.”

Chris: “We had a scrimmage against Oak Lawn and Orland and they put me in for a couple plays, so I did the hand-off and the running back was coming, as soon as I made the hand-off, I just got tackled. They can pile on me if I have the ball. If I fumble it and I recover it, they’re allowed to pile on me.”

Patient Success Story: Sports Performance and Injuries

Heather: “I made the connection between chiropractic and sports with football. ‘Cause I didn’t want to put him in football. I truly avoided it. He had been asking for years and I said, no, no, no. I’m thinking back injury, neck injury, spinal injury—no. One of our friends whose son plays and she’s overprotective, she said, you know, I let him play, you gotta let Chris play. So I finally said yes. But then watching him get hit, some of these kids are much, much bigger, and I thought, that can’t be good for him to get hit and then the impact on the ground, not to mention the pile-ups.

I thought, maybe I need to make sure he’s OK. And I had been doing so well with my own back issues, it just made me think; I should make a preemptive move for him. I have not had a bad back day since I’d been coming, in comparison since what I had two years ago. I’ve not had the problems that I’ve had in the past. It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to not have to be in pain all day. If I can prevent that for him, if I can try to get him into good habits, if I can keep him away from injuries, then I can keep him away from what I had to go through.”

– Heather and her son, Christopher, Lansing Patients

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