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30 Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

What are You Thankful For?

Now that November is upon us, why not take the opportunity to make every day feel like Thanksgiving by doing  our 30-day gratitude challenge?  Improving your mindset and brightening someone’s day have never been easier!

Day 3:

Work On A Posture Reset With A 2-min Posture Check

Day 6:

Write A Letter And Send It To A Loved One

Day 7:

Spend 10 Mins “Stretching It Out

Day 11:

Try Gratitude At Work

Day 15:

Make A Meal Plan For The Week

Day 20:

Have A Relaxing Work Out By

Day 22:

Breathe Your  Way To Less Stress

Day 24:

Try This Awesome Kid Activity With Your Family

Day 26:

Thanksgiving Holiday’s Look A Little Different This Year… Missing Your Loved Ones? Try These…