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How to Prevent Hand Pain When You're Working from Home

How to Prevent Hand Pain When You’re Working from Home

These days, many of us find ourselves working from home. That means a lot of time spent on the computer, hands positioned over the keyboard—often for longer hours than we’d typically be doing in the office! This type of repetitive stress may leave you vulnerable to pain, tension and stiffness in your fingers, hands and wrists. But… you have to work, so what can you do? Let’s walk through a few easy ways you can prevent hand pain.

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Hand Pain

Create an ergonomic setup. Make sure you’re working on a flat, stable surface. Your computer monitor should be at eye-level,  and the chair you’re working in should offer postural support. A proper setup is a critical foundational step for preventing not only hand pain but neck, shoulder and low-back tension as well.

Practice Better Posture: Good posture is a pain-prevention must. Avoid hunching by keeping your spine straight, shoulders pulled back and your ears aligned with the tops of your shoulders. This will help set you up for a comfortable, pain-free work day.

Pay Attention to Arm Position: To prevent hand pain, make sure your elbows form 90-degree angles, your arms are close to the body, and your forearms are resting flat against the table. Your wrists and forearms should be almost straight, with no tilting, while you type. Avoid curling your wrists or hovering above the keyboard.

Keep It Moving: Pain is often the result of overuse, repetitive motions or improper posture. It’s critical that you take time to stretch or move around—every 20-30 minutes if possible. And if you think you might be a particular candidate for wrist or hand pain, occasionally focus on stretching those muscles once or twice a day with targeted exercises.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

The Forearm Stretch

  1. Begin by extending your arm, palms toward the ceiling.

  2. With your other hand, apply a gentle pressure to your fingers toward the floor. You should feel a slight stretch in your forearm.

  3. Continue pulling your fingers toward your body, as much as is comfortable to you. Remember, this shouldn’t be painful.

  4. Hold this stretch for up to 30 seconds, and alternate arms completing two to three stretches per arm.

All-Natural Treatment for Hand Pain

At Chiro One, we treat patients every day suffering from wrist and hand issues. If you’re already starting to experience even minor hand pain, it’s time to let your chiropractor know. The sooner you get treatment, the better. 

During treatment, a chiropractor can manually adjust your hand and wrist directly (as they can with most extremities), restoring alignment, increasing circulation and encouraging proper function of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. They can also show you additional stretches and therapies to take into your everyday life to help improve strength, flexibility and function.