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How-To: No-Sew DIY Face Mask

During these challenging times, folks are coming together and doing all they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Frequent hand-washing, consistent surface sanitization and social distancing measures are all critical aspects of overall virus prevention, but what else can you do?

Right now the CDC recommends wearing a face mask in public to decrease rates of community-based transmission. Good news? You don’t need to learn how to sew in order to protect yourself. Here’s how you can make your own mask.

What You Need

  • Bandana (or square cotton cloth, cut approximately 20×20 inches)
  • 2 rubber bands or hair ties


  1. Start by folding your cloth in half, horizontally.

2.Fold the top down and the bottom up, creating one long, horizontal rectangle.

3.Pull your folded cloth through two rubber bands, one on the left side, one on the right. They should be about 6 inches apart.

4. Next, fold the sides of your cloth into the middle and tuck under each rubber band.

5.Hook the rubber bands behind your ears and wear!