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6 Healthy Food-Delivery Options

No plans to leave the house anytime soon? Let’s take a look at some convenient delivery options that can help you make healthier choices.

While it may be easy to rest back on those carb-heavy, preservative-rich pantry staples, we recommend finding ways to make your meals healthier (if you’re able!). A lot of this has to do with the choices you make while ordering your groceries or meals.


Want fresh, healthy meals delivered straight to your home? Fridge2Table might be a great option for you! Their ingredients are non-GMO, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and don’t include refined sugars. They’re also sustainable—all deliveries are made in reusable containers to prevent waste.

Hello Fresh

For ready-to-make meals sent straight to your home, Hello Fresh is an easy, affordable option! Each week, they send you a box full of easy healthy meal kits, including simple recipes and high-quality ingredients so you can make your food yourself.


Freshly is an all-natural meal delivery system, where you get to choose your entree, a chef cooks it for you, and it’s delivered ready to heat and eat! These customizable meals are made to respect both your time and your health.

Purple Carrot

This service is perfect for our vegan friends—offering a plant-based selection of meal kits to be delivered straight to your door! Whether gluten-free, high in protein or whatever your preference, Purple Carrot will even bring you breakfast and premade snacks.

Imperfect Foods

You don’t have to say goodbye to produce and perishable goods while you’re social distancing! Imperfect Foods delivers fresh foods that would normally be tossed away before going to grocery stores—due to food size or shape or visual inconsistencies. Not only does it get you the fresh produce you need, but it comes at 30% less the cost and eliminates unnecessary food waste!

Fresh Grocery Delivery – Go Local!

Now is a wonderful time to put your money behind local businesses. Give the grocery store(s) in your area a quick call, or check them out online,—to see if they’re offering a delivery or pickup option. Remember to be mindful of possible amended hours!