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5 Easy At-Home Exercises

Looking for some ways to keep active and healthy while at home? From strength to cardio, to flexibility and stability, here are some easy exercises you can do to get moving.

Stair Running/Stepping

Do you have a set of stairs in your home? Just a few trips up and down at a low intensity can burn calories, get your heart rate going, build muscle tone, burn fat, and increase stamina and energy levels. Don’t have a set of stairs in your home? Consider using a large book or box to simulate stair stepping (but be careful!).


Yoga is a low-impact staple for a reason! Known to burn calories and tone muscles with an emphasis on strengthening and stretching yoga is a great way to engage the core and increase stability. Head over to YouTube and look for an easy to moderate intensity lesson (depending on your needs!); there are also plenty of easy moves you can learn from sites like YogaJournal
and Greatist.


It’s time to get that heart rate up! Clear space in your living room, put on some of your favorite tunes and get moving. Dancing is known to improve your cardiovascular health, improve balance and even boost cognitive performance. An added bonus is that it’s also just a super fun way to get sweating.

Resistance Band Stretching

Looking to increase strength and flexibility? Resistance bands are a safe and easy tool you can use to target
specific muscle groups while protecting your joints. They can be used to deepen a stretch or to increase
strength and resistance during an exercise. Check out some easy resistance band moves.

Chores Around the House

No type of movement goes unnoticed by your body! Studies have found that doing just 30 minutes of household chores a day can be as effective as going for a run or to the gym when it comes to decreasing your risk of heart disease. If possible, look for chores that may get your heart rate going, such as vacuuming, yard work or moving those boxes out of the crawl space.

Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen, especially if you have a serious medical condition, physical limitations or experience chronic pain.