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A Family That Plays Together…

A Family That Plays Together...

Winter vacation is in full effect! The kids are home for winter break, you and your partner are off from work for the holidays, and just like that, the family is together under one roof—at the same time! Here are some great ways to stay active, healthy and have fun with family during the holiday break!

Grab your ice skates and round up the family for a day at the ice rink!

Ice skating works nearly every muscle group in your body and can improve joint flexibility. Burning up to 200 calories per hour, you can strengthen your muscles and also improve cardiovascular health.

Jump away at an indoor trampoline park!

Trampoline exercise has grown in popularity over the last few years due to how fun and beneficial it is for your health. Improve your balance and posture, and strengthen your joints, tendons and ligaments while jumping sky high in a trampoline park. The kiddos will love this one!

Take the whole family out for a sledding adventure

If you live somewhere that has snow, take advantage of the weather! Grab a sled, get the little ones bundled up, and prepare to slip and slide—winter style! Not only fun, but sledding can turn into a workout for the whole body as well as get you some much-needed vitamin D. Make sure to take proper safety precautions as needed!

Get adjusted together!

The holidays can take a toll on your body. Holiday travel, shopping and more can put pressure on your body, both mentally and physically. Get the whole family in for regular adjustments and start the new year feeling healthy and renewed.

Always consult with your doctor or chiropractor before attempting a new strenuous activity, especially if you have a serious medical condition, physical limitations or experience chronic pain.