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Hot Tips for Holiday Saving

Hot Tips for Holiday Saving

The holidays can be stressful on your
mind and your wallet! Practicing good spending habits during the holidays can save you money and headaches. Here are a few tips to get you and your bank account through the holidays.

Make a budget! Establish a budget EARLY. Sticking to a reasonable and realistic budget can help you avoid unnecessary spending stress.
Don’t set a budget that is too tight. Keep it simple. If you’re buying gifts, try having a set amount per person or establishing a maximum amount for

Track your spending! Long gone are the days of balancing a checkbook. Try downloading a budget app on your phone through your Android
or iOS store. While on the go, track how much money you have spent or what is remaining after every purchase.

Here are some of Be Well’s favorite and FREE budgeting apps:

Pay in cash! Withdraw the budgeted amount you set for yourself. Using a credit or debit card is an easy way to go over your budget. Don’t
become swipe happy; use only the cash on hand to prevent overspending.

Prepare in advance! Use our holiday gift list and spending planner example to help set a budget and financial expectation for your bank
account this holiday season.

Mock up of Holiday Gift List