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How-to: Kid-Friendly Gratitude Garland

The month of Thanksgiving is the perfect time for reflection.

As the year comes to a close, we get the chance to stop, take a breath and look at
where we are—and those who’ve helped us get here. That’s right… we’re talking about gratitude.
Not only is it a wonderful mindfulness practice, but gratitude also boasts
a handful of
additional health benefits like increased immunity and heart health.

Let’s celebrate this season of thanks—craft-style—with this adorable, kid-friendly gratitude garland. Here’s how to do it.

You’ll Need:

  • Scrapbook paper of your choice (double-sided if possible)
  • Safety scissors
  • Pencil
  • Large ruler
  • Single hole punch
  • Twine or hemp
  • Markers

Additional supplies (optional): Glitter, stickers, construction paper, glue stick, tape


    1. Begin by creating your pennant template—this is the triangle you will be using to measure all of the others. Using your ruler and a pencil, sketch a triangle of your desired size on a piece of scrapbook paper. Then, cut it out as cleanly as possible.
    1. Using your new template, trace triangles on to your scrapbook paper, creating a minimum of 12 pennants. This will give your garland a nice, full look. Feel free to create more if desired. After tracing, cut out your pennants.
    1. Now it’s time for thanks! On each cut-out pennant, write the name of one person you’re grateful to and a short sentence why. Decorate any way you see fit—glitter, stickers, cut outs and more. The possibilities are endless!
    1. After all your pennants are decorated, take your hole-puncher and create holes in each corner on the side of the triangle you want to be hung against the bunting.
    1. Measure your twine to be the length of your choosing. Bending one end of the twine back, create
      a small loop and tie a knot. This will make it easier to hang when you’re finished. Do NOT tie off the other end yet—you need it open to add your pennants.
    1. Finally, string your pennants on to the twine in whatever order you want. Put your twine through each hole from front to back, running it the length of the back of the pennant, to the other punched hole. If you want your flags to hang a specific length away from each other, feel free to hold them down by taping the string on the back of each flag in place.
  1. Tie off and loop the end of your garland, hang and enjoy!