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5 Superfoods Perfect For Core Strengthening

5 Superfoods Perfect For Core Strengthening

Contrary to popular belief, a strong core isn’t about having abs or a flat stomach. A strong core is beneficial for your daily routine, stability and functionality. Keeping a strong core is important for your overall health, but the process to obtain a strong core doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. In fact, it’s as easy as incorporating more protein-rich and high-fiber foods into your diet and exercise regimes. Yes, you read that correctly—EAT MORE!

Here are five of the best foods for strengthening your core, and a few tips for your overall diet as well.


Eggs provide a perfect balance of fats and proteins. Not only do they provide a sufficient amount of amino acids, but they can also help curb your hunger, decrease unhealthy snacking and keep you fuller, longer.

Leaft Greens

Like most healthy eating habits, incorporating leafy greens is great for your overall nutrition. With their high fiber, calcium and carotenoid content, green vegetables are perfect for boosting your immune system, strengthening muscles, and providing a boost of energy. Kale. Spinach. Collards. Eat them all!

Greek Yogurt

This creamy snack is perfect not only for your core, but your gut benefits from it as well. With a healthy dose of pro- and prebiotics, Greek yogurt can give you extra fiber and calcium too. While helping your digestive system with decreased bloating, gas and constipation, strengthening your core with yogurt is ideal. Make sure to buy the plain, organic kind with no additives or sweeteners. If you’d like, add a little locally-sourced honey for some added sweetness.


Magnesium runs rampant in these pint-size snacks and for good reason—building and maintaining muscle tissues. Almonds are perfect for providing additional energy; blocking calories and maintaining sugar levels. They provide an ideal amount of essential nutrients that also help the look and strength of your core.

Fatty & Lean Meats

Tuna, turkey, salmon and chicken are great fatty and lean meats for your core. Increasing your protein intake with these meats helps with inflammation, gut health and weight control. When you can, buy organic, grass-fed or wild-caught options.

Eating in moderation is always important for your health. Incorporating more of these foods into your current eating habits can go a long way toward maintaining a healthy and strong core.