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The Season’s Hottest Trends are out to Get You

The Season’s Hottest Trends are out to Get You

Ladies, the jury is in: your skinny jeans want to hurt you—according to science.

Just kidding! That being said, recent studies do suggest that certain clothing choices can aggravate pain, some even having pretty damaging effects on the neck, back and posture. Beauty is pain, right? It doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the sneakiest fashion offenders, courtesy of the British Chiropractic Association, so you can see which of your go-tos could be a source of pain and posture problems.

Skinny Jeans

Chic, sleek and more than a little restrictive for hip and knee movement. The tightness of skinny jeans can actually change the way we hold our bodies and walk. This lapse in regular posture and movement puts an unfamiliar pressure on joints that decreases shock absorption, and in turn, increases the likelihood of wear and tear.

Oversized Purses

Sure, you can fit most of your life in that Mary Poppins bag, but such heavy weight constantly looped around one shoulder is likely to cause imbalances and alignment problems. Plus, constant pulling near the neck and shoulders increases the risk of strain and tenderness.

High Heels

The feet are the skeleton’s shock absorbers, evenly distributing weight for a reason. High heels force the body’s full weight onto the balls of the feet and toes, throwing off the normal balance of the whole musculoskeletal system—that means bone and nerve damage, a forced forward bending of the ankles, misalignment of the hips and lower back pain.

The Season’s Hottest Trends are out to Get You

Hooded Coats

Coats with heavy/furry hoods can be pretty hard on the neck, back, shoulders and posture. This extra bulk restricts movement, causing strain as the rest of the body adapts to a temporary way of moving.

Backless Shoes

Now that it’s spring, you can officially break out those cute backless shoes. The bummer? Your system of balance has to work overtime—without the support at the back of the heel, strain on the legs and lower back increases.

Heavy Jewelry

Chunky jewelry applies extra weight to the back of the neck and shoulders, which can lead to headaches, neck and shoulder strain and posture problems.

So, are you ready to toss out those adorable wedges you bought last week? No way! And we don’t blame you—your style, your rules. However, maybe it’s time to consider, for the sake of health, sprinkling in a few more sweatpants/leggings days each week. Even better? Stop in to see your chiropractor! Regular adjustments will address painful aches and pains, and can help with posture and flexibility.