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Putting an End to Painful Endometriosis Symptoms

Putting an End to Painful Endometriosis Symptoms
Powerful story today from one of our own chiropractic directors, Dr. Dana Zeina from Chiro One Wellness Centers of Gurnee. Endometriosis is a painful
condition that affects an estimated 1 out of 10 women around the world. If you know someone who suffers from endometriosis, share this story with her.

“My story starts when my severe abdominal cramps started. I was studying in the library one day, and I became alarmed at how painful my abdominal cramps
were getting. That day, it was accompanied with nausea and vomiting.

I went to seek help from my medical doctor who became very concerned and had sent me to the emergency room. Through various tests, they concluded that
my appendix was highly inflamed and I needed surgery immediately. I was wheeled into the operating room to get my appendix surgically removed. When
I woke up, I was astonished to find out that my abdomen had been cut from hip to hip. I was told my appendix had been spared, but my right fallopian
tube and ovary had been removed. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. The endometrial tissue had damaged everything in the right lower part
of my abdomen.

The diagnosis, along with the surgical procedure, has reduced my chances of having children by 90%. Due to the hormone imbalances, doctors induced my body
into menopause at the age of 21. I suffered hot flashes, irritability, weight loss and depression due to the side effects of the shots I was taking.

Through all of that, my abdominal cramping was not resolved. I was determined to seek better care as my quality of life had been diminishing. I started
seeing a chiropractor who told me that it all started in my spine. I was severely misaligned in my lumbar spine, which was adding a great amount of
pressure on the surrounding neurological structures, causing pain and dysfunction.

Putting an End to Painful Endometriosis Symptoms

After a few adjustments, I was symptom free and my quality of life had improved greatly. The chiropractic adjustments were coupled with acupuncture treatments
and naturopathic remedies. I no longer take medications for the painful endometrial condition, and I am more hopeful of having kids one day.”

-Dr. Dana Zeina, Chiro One of Gurnee

Thank you, Dr. Dana, for sharing your moving story. And for devoting your life to chiropractic so others may experience the healing power!