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Two Patients Find Unexpected Asthma Relief

Two Patients Find Unexpected Asthma Relief Many of those who work in the field of chiropractic will tell you that one of the most rewarding aspects is watching patients discover improvements they’d never dreamed could happen with chiropractic care. Today’s stories feature two patients—and neither knew how much chiropractic would positively affect their life. Please share their stories with friends and family—you never know what story will reach the right person, at a moment he or she needs it most.

From Painful Symptoms to Symptom-Free

“I came to Chiro One with debilitating neck pain, asthma and heart palpitations. My symptoms had begun a few years before I started coming to Chiro One.

I had to leave work early often and had to medicate daily to get through the day pain-free. I was taking a lot of Advil and used albuterol very often,
which I think caused the palpitations.

Prior to coming in, I didn’t believe [chiropractic] could help with things besides back pain. Now, I live mostly pain-free. I take no medications and my
original symptoms went away after coming to Chiro One for three months.”

– Bloomingdale Patient

Two Patients Find Unexpected Asthma Relief

Back Pain Relief and Easy Breathing

“I started chiropractic care due to lower back pain and neck pain every day. At its worst, my back and neck pain disrupted my sleeping, made it difficult
to walk and impeded my exercise routine.

I had no prior experience with chiropractic, but I was curious if it could even help, and I hadn’t tried any other treatments for the pain.

I was only with Chiro One for a month and all my lower back pain disappeared AND I found huge improvements with my breathing and asthma. My asthma improvement
was an unexpected benefit. The improvement allowed me to exercise more, use less medication and be a happier person.

The office staff were so friendly and knew my name and never forgot it. Really, they are the most friendly staff I’ve ever encountered at a medical office.”

– Lakeview Patient