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The Road to Recovery: "I’m Ready to Dance Again!"

Patient Success Stories: Disc Problems

This week, we continue our conversation on the symptoms and treatment of disc problems. Although ranging in severity,
a disc issue can make it hard for people to do things as simple as walking, sitting or using the bathroom.
It can become a debilitating condition that greatly affects a person’s life, making it impossible for them to
do the things they once loved. See how chiropractic care got these two patients back on
track by helping them live pain-free.

“I’m ready to dance again!”

“I began treatment with Chiro One for help with a herniated disc in my back. For months, I couldn’t even bend over, couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand straight;
I couldn’t sleep because of the pain, and I couldn’t work. I was in a grocery store one day and [the] doctor saw how I was walking and knew something
was wrong. He recommended I come in for an evaluation. I had tried going to physical therapy but they couldn’t do anything, so I decided to give chiropractic
a try.

I had never been to a chiropractor, but I had heard a lot of success stories from friends whose back problems were relieved with chiropractic care. After
about three months of care, I’m sleeping, walking and I’m ready to dance again! My improved state of health has also affected my life by relieving
a lot of tension with my job circumstances.

I love everyone’s disposition here at Chiro One—it helped encourage me to come back. When you go somewhere you don’t feel wanted, you hesitate to
go back, and I’ve never had that feeling here. Everyone has treated me real well. I want to thank everyone here for the care you have given me.

I feel great! I’m really looking forward to going back to work… well, that’s a lie—but at least now I’ll feel better while I’m there!”

– Chiro One Patient

Patient Success Stories: Disc Problems

On the Road to Recovery

“When I first came to Chiro One, I had three herniated discs in my back. It was at its worst between March and April of 2016—I was barely able to
function normally without being in constant pain.

I went to my first chiropractor in the 8th grade, and I knew they were good, but I didn’t know everything chiropractic had to offer. After joining Chiro
One, I love it. I couldn’t even imagine a week without it. It’s tremendously improved my quality of life. My back hurts way less, my shoulders hurt
less and my sinuses are clearer than ever.

I went from feeling constantly broken to being on a road to recovery.”

– Old Town Patient