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6 All-Natural Acne Treatments

6 All-Natural Acne Treatments

When it comes to acne, there is no quick fix. A certain treatment may work for one person but not another.
Body chemistry is complex and each person’s make-up is different.
Acne can be incredibly hard on a person’s self-confidence,
so not having a guaranteed solution is frustrating.
But there are plenty of soothing, chemical-free treatments you can try,
whether you need to reduce inflammation, add moisture or boost bacteria-fighting properties.
We’ve rounded up six all-natural acne treatments that could help you.
Will they be your blemish cure-all? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure—your skin
will thank you!

Tea tree oil is an acne treatment classic. We know, it sounds scary—more oil? But tea tree oil is actually really different
than skin oils. It cuts down extra sebum and dead skin cells, helping to unclog pores. It’s also got antibacterial properties and is super useful for
things like white heads.

Note: Never ingest tea tree oil, and never put the essential oil in its raw form on your skin. It is best mixed and diluted with other carrier oils.

Green tea extract doesn’t just offer great detox benefits internally. When chilled, you can apply it topically for clearer skin. The antioxidants
in green tea reduce sebum production and bacteria, decreasing inflammation and breakouts.

Aloe vera is all about moisture, moisture, moisture! It contains two different anti-inflammatory compounds that are known for soothing
and decreasing redness and swelling.

6 All-Natural Acne Treatments

Clay masks are an excellent treatment for acne—especially for those with sensitive skin. Clay naturally draws out dirt, toxins and
buildup. At the same time, the texture of the clay acts as an exfoliant. It is known for reducing pore size, toning and softening.

Probiotic supplements are an oft-mentioned internal treatment for acne. Studies show a link between acne and gut health—basically
when bad bacteria builds in the gut, because of the “gut-brain-skin axis,” skin is directly affected. To combat this, an oral probiotic a day can improve
gut health by subbing in good bacteria.

Raw, unfiltered honey is deeply nourishing and includes a lot of antioxidants, preventing future damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties
reduce swelling and redness, and in its rawest form, honey can reduce breakouts and heal small wounds.

These tips are not intended for medical advice, please be sure to discuss any treatments with your doctor before proceeding.