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Spring into Wellness: Tips for a Healthy Season

Spring into Wellness: Tips for a Healthy Season

Spring has finally
sprung, and now’s the perfect time to fine-tune your focus on living a wellness lifestyle; check out these helpful tips!

Natural Allergy Adversaries

Looking for natural ways to fend off seasonal allergy symptoms? Sometimes the solutions are simple!

  • Keep allergens out! Keep windows closed or certain rooms pet-free to limit your exposure.
  • Cold and caffeine for puffy eyes. Caffeine-based creams or cold compresses can be especially soothing for irritated eyes.
  • Get buzzy! Some studies show pure, raw, local honey may help build natural antibodies to pollen.
  • Try a neti pot. This ancient Indian tradition provides a natural method of nasal cleansing.
  • Track pollen counts. Watch the news, listen to the radio or visit local weather websites to check pollen levels before you head out.

Foods that Pack a Fight!

Did you know you can eat your way to allergy relief? Many common foods have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that soothe allergy symptoms.

  • Apples (contain flavonoids that fend off inflammation)
  • Red grapes (boast antioxidants and resveratrol; both fight inflammation)
  • Citrus fruits (their dose of vitamin C does wonders for cold and allergy symptoms)
  • Collard greens (rich in carotenoids which reduce allergic reactions)
  • Fish and nuts (both have properties that boost immunity and fight inflammation)
Spring into Wellness: Tips for a Healthy Season

Outdoor Ergonomics

Yard work and gardening require stretching, caution and hydration just like traditional workouts do. Next time you work in the yard, be sure to follow these tips:

  • If using mechanical equipment, use a strap secured across your body to normalize your center of gravity.
  • Alternate using equipment on each side of your body.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Use proper lifting techniques.
  • Hold heavy equipment close to your body.

Spring Cleaning

Feeling the need to open the windows and clean the closets? Make sure to clean out your cleaning supplies, too. Rid your home of those that contain these common toxins:

  • Sodium hypochlorite, butyl cellosolve, nitrobenzene and thirourea