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How to Become a Morning Person… Kind Of

How to Become a Morning Person… Kind Of

You love mornings, right? That alarm goes off and you’re ready to seize the day! Workout? Check.
Breakfast? You betcha. You’re playing this morning like a violin—way to go, you! Except…
maybe that’s not you at all. Not everyone can be a morning person. In fact, for some of us, morning
sounds more like hitting the snooze button 20 times and grabbing an apple as you run out
the door with your jacket half on. Let’s be honest, it’d be nice to enjoy
a morning for once. But waking up is so hard, right? Here’s how you can encourage
a better start to your day.

Hit the sheets at a reasonable hour. There are only so many hours in a day, but when it comes to sleep, you need all eight of them. Get on a sensible sleeping schedule, falling asleep at the same time each night and waking at the same time each morning. Budget for anywhere between eight to nine hours of sleep a night, and establish a rhythm. You’ll be able to greet the day with more energy.

Plan your next day’s outfit. Before you go to bed, lay out tomorrow’s clothing options. It gives you time to think: what will the weather be like? Do I have a meeting I have to look especially nice for? Plus, it also gives you an extra 5-10 minutes you won’t have to spend the next morning frantically digging through your closet.

Prep your meals in advance. Do you have a family to feed or is it just you? Either way, we recommend prepping as much as you can over the weekend, but quick meals are manageable, too—and they’re made even quicker by laying out your ingredients and clearly labeling the things you need the night before. And remember—befriend your crock pot; it’ll be good to you.

How to Become a Morning Person… Kind Of

Use temperature to encourage waking up. For some, there’s nothing better than being cocooned in a nice warm comforter in a chilly bedroom. But who wants to leave their tiny nest in the morning? No one. Consider keeping your room at a higher temperature—not hot enough to impede sleep, but not cold enough where you’re hesitant to get moving. Make things easier on yourself by knowing your own preferences.

Make the morning fun. Are you someone who likes accomplishing goals? Design a morning more goal-oriented with small chores and to-dos you can get done in the morning. Do you like the burn of physical activity? Budget in some time for a quick run or a relaxing yoga session. Think about the things that encourage you or hype you up—whether that’s a morning shower with your favorite tunes blasting or a catch-up phone call with your closest friend.