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Ways to Slow Down, De-Stress and Actually Enjoy the Holidays

Stress can be a big part of the holidays—and it doesn’t have to be.
While we know chiropractic can help you feel less stressed, we also love to share other ideas that’ll
help you enjoy each day of your life more. See if you can weave any of these ideas into these next couple of
weeks of the holiday season.

Re-Organize Your Priorities

We often get lost in a laundry list of things we think we need to do, but in reality, we just simply don’t need to do most of it. Take a look at your list of holiday commitments and to dos and cut back. Focus on the things you really love and leave it at that.

Take a Break from Social Media

While we’d hate to see you go (you’ve joined our Facebook community, right? Find us at www.facebook.net/ChiroOne), sometimes a break can really slow life down. If you notice that you’re reaching for your phone and tapping that blue icon every time you have a moment of down time, it’s probably time for a social vacation. You’ll find you’re more present and relaxed. And you’ll stop comparing yourself to the Joneses. Come back after the holidays!

Cut Back on Excess Gifts and Slow Down Gift Giving

It can be easy in our culture to go overboard on gifts, especially for the kids—and then what happens? There’s a flurry of wrapping paper and it’s all over before you’ve even had a moment to take it all in. Take a step back from making sure there are “enough” gifts under the tree and focus on enjoying the act of giving and receiving. When you and your family are exchanging gifts, slow it down by having each person open one gift at a time. Take breaks for a walk, snack or even a favorite holiday movie; then come back to open more.

Head Outside

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” This Norwegian saying couldn’t be more true! The cold alone shouldn’t prevent you from getting outside! We know that spending time outdoors and getting some physical activity can have a profound effect on stress. Bundle up and head out for a walk first thing in the morning—or in the evenings when many homes will have their holiday lights aglow.

Ways to Slow Down, De-Stress and Actually Enjoy the Holidays

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness means that you’re in a state of active and open attention to the present moment. Gosh, we all could use more this during the holidays, right? Often in the hustle and bustle, we don’t take time to actually enjoy all the wonderful moments. A few simple things you can try: Eat slowly and savor the flavors; shop slowly and carefully; put down the phone and just take in the environment around you; listen—really listen—when a loved one is speaking to you; sit back and think about everything you have to be grateful for.