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Chiro One Wellness Centers Brand Expands Through Emerging Partnerships With Solo Practitioners

Oak Brook, Illinois – TVG-Medulla, LLC, the healthcare managed services organization behind the Chiro One Wellness Centers brand, announces their acquisition of Max Health Chiropractic offices located in the greater Milwaukee cities of Hales Corners, Waukesha and Brookfield.

The demand for chiropractic care continues to grow as more Americans are opting for conservative treatment options. While this growth is advantageous for the profession at large, healthcare has become increasingly challenging for sole practitioners. “The individual chiropractor is tasked with an enormous workload,” shares Dr. Stuart Bernsen, CEO of TVG-Medulla, LLC. “Between the need for a continuous stream of new patients and the tremendous undertaking it is to accept, process and manage insurance, solo practitioners often find they’re not only unable to concentrate on serving patients, they’re unable to sustain their business long term.”

These challenges have begun to move the chiropractic profession toward consolidation through mergers and acquisitions. “As more and more people seek safe and effective treatment options for pain, as well as preventative healthcare, we have an enormous opportunity within the chiropractic field,” states Dr. Bernsen. “The best way we can support this evolution in healthcare is through creating critical partnerships among practitioners so the doctor can focus on the patient, and healthcare management organizations like TVG-Medulla, LLC can take on the business-driven aspects of the practice. As the industry consolidates, there will be power in numbers.”

The acquisition of these three offices brings the number of Chiro One Wellness Center clinics to 46 between Illinois and Wisconsin, serving more than 25,000 patients a year. TVG-Medulla, LLC is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois and has plans for continued expansion into new markets across the Midwest and beyond.

About TVG-Medulla, LLC

TVG-Medulla, LLC is a Chicagoland-based healthcare managed services organization providing support and services to all Chiro One Wellness Center offices. Doctors of chiropractic serving within the Chiro One clinics have access to Medulla’s full-scale management departments, such as billing and insurance, marketing, clinical operations, human resources, maintenance, IT and more. In addition, Medulla also offers critical wellness programs and education services to communities, employers and organizations. For more information on practice acquisition, please visit medullallc.com/partners.

About the Chiro One Wellness Center Brand

Located in Illinois and Wisconsin, 46 Chiro One Wellness Center clinics see over a half-million patient visits each year. Managed by TVG-Medulla, LLC, Chiro One Wellness Center offices set the gold standard in chiropractic through consistent patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction rates and accessible community education on the significant benefits of chiropractic care. For more information about Chiro One Wellness Centers, please visit chiroone.net.

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November 6, 2018

Errin Bald, Manager of Corporate Communications