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Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Kids

Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Kids

Autumn is a unique season: Fall foliage begins; family
vacations end. Kids start school, and a drop in temperature becomes the tip-off for the winter chills!

There are still plenty of outdoor activities in which to engage with your kids this autumn. It starts with a little imagination and a few of layers to bundle up in.

Pumpkin PatchesHow long does it take for a pumpkin to grow? Most pumpkins mature in 85-125 days.

A family escapade to your local pumpkin patch is a fun way to prep for Halloween; you can even bake a pumpkin pie with your little chefs. Pumpkin patches, depending on your region, open in September and offer additional activities, like hay rides or haunted houses for spooky fun!

Campfire CookingIf you don’t have a fire, you can cook s’mores over a gas stove, candle or on the grill!

Few sit by a campfire without heating up the ultimate taste buds extravaganza: s’mores! After a visit to the farmer’s market, you and your kids will have likely picked a bushel of corn and other veggies to roast over a fire with the family. Pick a local spot for a campfire or just build one in your backyard.

Raking LeavesDid you know trees shed leaves to conserve energy and water?

You can mix chores with a little bit of fun. Jump into a newly-raked pile of leaves! The whole activity burns calories from all the lunging and squatting, works your and your kids’ cardiovascular systems…and, might we add, is just a ball with physical health benefits.

Apple PickingDid you know one gallon of apple cider is made from about 36 apples?

You’ll have more apples than you know what to do with. Your bushels of fresh, ripe apples will fill your (and your neighbors’) fruit pantries. Take advantage of the harvest and spend some time baking apple pies with your little tykes, varying the traditional pies with mini apple turnovers and apple crumb cakes. A healthy option is to just munch on them raw!

Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Kids

Treasure HuntingDid you know pigments in red leaves develop through cold temps and bright light?

The fallen autumn leaves make for exciting, hidden places to bury a treasure. Draw your little pirates a map, urge them to find the prize and let them loose. Chocolate gold coins make for a tasty treasure to stumble upon at the end.

Cruising Scenic PathwaysFall foliage maps show months when foliage peaks around the U.S.

Fall foliage has been a recurrent theme throughout our list—and for good reason. What could be better than cruising down a forest-lined path with family and kids in tow to spend time getting a dose of the most colorful time of year? MidwestLiving offers an excellent guide to “25 Ultimate Fall Drives.”

Autumn is a great time to be outside, since the temps are not yet extreme. Plus, you can share these factual morsels we’ve included with your children for a fun learning experience!