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5 Massive Ways Kids Can Benefit from Chiropractic

5 Massive Ways Kids Can Benefit from Chiropractic

For most school-aged kids, August is a mixed bag. It’s time to play as hard as possible before summer ends, but the threat of school still lingers in the distance, right? We want them happy and functioning their best by the time that school bell rings! That’s why, this August, we’re all about the little ones on the Be Well blog. Let’s kick off our special kids month by taking a look at the ways chiropractic can help your child (of any age!) reap some serious health benefits.

While there are hundreds of reasons a chiropractor should be a prominent member of your child’s healthcare team, we want to highlight a few that we think are super important:

  1. Birth trauma recovery. Labor and delivery aren’t just difficult for the mother; the infant also experiences the physical stress and strain of the birth process. Around 2 percent of births in the United States result in physical injury to the infant. This percentage is likely low as injuries often go unnoticed and may be painless, making it difficult to spot if an injury occurred. One of the best ways to check your newborn after birth is through a gentle chiropractic evaluation.
  2. Immune system support. Childhood is rife with coughs, colds and fevers. Many kids today are in daycare and it’s tough to keep them away from minor illnesses. As chiropractors, we’ve seen marked improvement in our patients’ immune systems, with patients reporting a decrease in or absence of cold symptoms during cold and flu season, quicker recovery times and more.
  3. Preventative care. There’s a beautiful quote from Frederick Douglass that can be applied to children’s overall health, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Isn’t it easier to keep children healthy than it is to fix them once they’re ill? Unfortunately, our current healthcare system is largely based on “sick-care,” meaning you’re hurt, you go to the doctor; you’re sick, you go to the doctor—instead of regularly visiting your chiropractic physician and other wellness providers to help maintain your health.
  4. Falls and injuries. If you have a kid, you know that as soon as he or she begins to crawl, walk, run—bumps and bruises are just a part of everyday life. While it’s easy to tell when your child has experienced a major injury, like a broken arm, it’s much harder (or impossible) to tell if your child’s trip on the rug resulted in a micro trauma. Over time, micro traumas can lead to subluxations, which in turn increase chances of long-term health issues, a decrease in the important curvatures of the spine and more. A chiropractor is an expert in locating subluxations, or misalignments, and removing them.
  5. Colic problems. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics published a clinical study involving 104 randomized patients suffering from colic who were being treated with chiropractic care. The study concluded that “chiropractic manual therapy improved crying behavior in infants with colic.” We’ve also personally seen many little patients (and happy parents) who’ve seen a rapid decrease in their colic symptoms after starting care.
5 Massive Ways Kids Can Benefit from Chiropractic

Treating children is a passion of ours at Chiro One Wellness Centers, and all of our doctors have been trained to adjust and treat children of any age. Make an appointment or talk to your chiropractor, and you’ll find more reasons to bring your child in for a visit!